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Water area map

 Water areas for demonstrations

There are two water sections for demonstration of small size vessels, other watercrafts and hydroplanes:

- water areas located between the Sea port mooring and the quays near hall 5 (300*350 meters size, 4-6 meters depth) for demonstration of maneuvering capabilities ( Appendix 13 - water areas plan)
- "Ship channel" - a straight portion (1450 meters size, 4-6 meters depth) located in 800 meters from the exhibition complex and used for demonstration of flying capabilities and performance characteristics
The demonstration program should last within 30 minutes and be held only three times during the IMDS. The program should be accompanied by commentaries both in English and in Russian. The presentation of commentaries is possible to perform through microphone or audio recording. Upon date, time and demonstration program of the Exhibitor's watercrafts being approved by the Operator in writing, the Exhibitor's demonstration of watercrafts shall be included in the program of the IMDS. The demonstration program copy shall be enclosed to the application form. The Chief Executive Officer must sign the program containing plans, descriptions and comments.

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