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Stand construction

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Orders on shell scheme stand construction and additional equipment shall be addressed to the Operator – (Contact person: Mrs. Marina Rubina).

Mounting of a temporary building: exhibition stands, temporary lodgings, scenic complexes, mobile pavilions and other buildings on indoor and outdoor areas of the exposition complex should be performed only after marking of the construction area made by the Official Builder based on the planes provided by the Operator.

The Official Builder of IMDS-2017 is LLC “ExpoForum-Design” (“EF-Design”):

Shushary, Peterburgskoye sh. 62, housing 4, lit. A

St. Petersburg, Russia, 196626.

Tel. +7 (812) 245 04 44, 321-26-94


Shell scheme stands’ construction (mounting and dismantling) and decoration are carried out only by the Official Builder of IMDS-2017.

Shell scheme stand includes:

  • dark blue carpeting;
  • stand mounted from white wall panels erection;
  • fascia panel (without the Exhibitor’s company logo and name);
  • partition with curtain (fabric);
  •  podium-stage;
  • upright profiles;
  • internal partitions (at/by request of the Exhibitor, in accordance with the stand sketch, minimum module width of wall panels is 0.5 meter).

The Exhibitor may order for extra charge additional equipment specified in Appendix 3: construction elements, furniture, electrical equipment, sanitary engineering equipment and accessories.

The self-building (exclusive construction) is allowed.

The Exhibitor may effect the building independently, with involving the Official Builder or his own Builder, after passing control of their technical documents.

The technical documents for passing technical control will be accepted for consideration after providing the Operator with information about the Exhibitor’s Builder:

  • name of the company - IMDS-2017 Exhibitor;
  • name of the company - Builder, indicating the phone number of the company office;
  • name of the representative of the Exhibitor responsible for the exposition, indicating the contact mobile phone number;
  • name of the person responsible for mounting works, indicating the contact mobile phone number.

The information should be provided till 1st of June, 2017.

If in agreement with the Operator work on the exhibition stand is performed by several third-party builders, each builder coordinates his technical project documentation for his amount of work with the Official Builder.

The Official Builder upon results of technical project documentation consideration as well as during mounting works has the right to give recommendations to the third-party builder about the need to increase the mounting time of the exhibition stand.

The Official Builder’s requirements about fulfillment of mounting (dismantling) time and leaving the pavilions of the exhibition complex by third-party builders in time are binding.

• Extra mounting time can be provided by the Operator under the subsequent application (Appendix 19) applied no later than 02.00 p.m. of the day of extension or of the day preceding the beginning of mounting / dismantling respectively. During this period additional delivery of goods on the exhibition space is not allowed.

Mounting and dismantling works must be completed within the period stipulated in the Contract.

Mounting and decoration works after 10.00 p.m. on 27th of June, 2017 and at the day of IMDS-2017 opening 28th of June, 2017 shall be prohibited.  

Access of third-party Builders to the exhibition area is possible in the mounting and dismantling time specified by the Operator only after passing technical control made by IMDS-2017 Official Builder. The admission of the third-party Builders who didn’t pass technical control to perform mounting works of temporary buildings is not allowed.

Before starting work the Builder's representative appointed by a head of this organization to be responsible for the work shall check the erecting plan with the general layout plan in conjunction with representatives of the Official Builder.

Storage of building materials and constructions during mounting (dismantling) is allowed only within the area rented by the Exhibitor and it is not permitted to block the aisles between stands. Violation of these conditions entails payment a penalty by the Exhibitor to the Operator in accordance with Appendix 21 to the present Exhibition Regulations. Until the violations are cleared construction works at the stand are suspended. Payment of the penalty does not relieve the Exhibitor from meeting the requirements of the present Exhibition Regulations.

In order to regulate construction works during mounting of IMDS-2017 exposition engaging of other organizations by third-party Builders (subcontracting) is permitted only with a written approval of the Operator. In the absence of the written approval admission of subcontractors to the exhibition area is not permitted.

The company making mounting (dismantling) bears responsibility for performance of safety rules during mounting, dismantling and use of temporary buildings. The Exhibitor bears responsibility for compliance of safety rules while using the stand during the exhibition.

During mounting (dismantling) and operation of the exposition the installation company is responsible for compliance with the requirements of Safety Regulations, Rules of electrical consumers technical operation, Regulations for electrical installation, Regulations with stage complex usage.

The general control of compliance with normative documents of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg, work code norms and rules in force in the territory of the LENEXPO exhibition complex during preparation and holding of IMDS-2017 are carried out by representatives of the Operator and the Official Builder.

The requirements of the Operator’s and the Builder’s staff on work supervision, fire security, safety rules and technical regulations observance and etc. determined by the Exhibition Regulations are compulsory for the Exhibitor’s staff and his construction management.

The Exhibitor shall on his own initiative settle with the Builder all claims of the Operator and his representatives arising out of the behavior of construction workers.

Stand decoration, as well as content of posters, texts, inscription must meet the requirements of the exhibition themes and aesthetics. It is prohibited to place materials on walls, floors, columns, windows and doors, as well as metal constructions of the ceiling in the halls.

The Exhibitor ordered extra mounting time assumes full responsibility for compliance by his and involved workers with workplace safety rules, fire safety rules, sanitary norms and rules and other rules and regulations governed by standard acts of the Russian Federation. The Exhibitor bears responsibility in full in case of damages to property of the Operator, of the Exhibition complex and of third parties. In case of harm to life and health of his and involved workers, employees of the Exhibition complex as well as of third parties without exception as result of non-compliance with the above rules and regulations, The Exhibitor shall compensate for damages in full.

Electrical work is performed in accordance with the requirements of normative documents of the Russian Federation and Rules of electrical works performing on the territory of the Exhibition complex LENEXPO.

All electricity connections and water supply, drainage, compressed air in the halls are carried out by the exhibition complex personnel.

The Exhibitors, with the approval of the Operator, provide a supply of cables and hoses from their stands (electric boards, sinks, exhibits) to the hall’s stationary switchboards, as well as places of water, drainage and compressed air connection. Connected electrical cables, hoses for water supply, compressed air and drainage must be covered with the protective cable trunking or rubber bridges and shouldn’t cause any discomfort to the adjoining stands.

When designing the stand it should be considered that technical access holes and places of water supply connection can be located at a considerable distance from the stand or on the exhibition areas of other exhibitors, which requires additional coordination with the exhibitors (builders). Failing water and sewer pipes construction without causing inconveniences to the neighboring stands and the written agreement the Exhibitor may be refused of the service.

Constructing the two-storied exhibition stand the project of the stand’s construction and its second floor shall not extend beyond the limits of the rented exhibition space.

All stands are constructed within the area allotted to the Exhibitor’s exposition space. The height of stands should not exceed 2,5 meters.

On shell scheme stands placing additional lighting or mobile stands, including the ones with its own electrical circuit, is permitted only by agreement with the Official Builder.

Mounting of substandard constructions of stands and decorations, other than exhibits, inside a shell scheme stand (further construction of a shell scheme stand by the Exhibitor himself or with the help of other builders) is only possible with the approval of the Operator, which may be given only after control of technical documentation by the Official Builder.

The maximum allowed stand height is 6,0 meters, including additional constructions (if it matches the possibilities of the hall).

When ordering unequipped exhibition stands of corner, three-side open and island types the building of solid walls on the open sides of the stand without the consent of the Operator is not allowed.

It’s obligatory that each stand must have a subscription on fascia panel (of the standard-equipped stand) or on the strictures (of the non-standard stand) with the company’s name in Russian and in English.  The Operator accepts orders for making the superscription on fascia panel of standard-equipped stands as well as the company’s logo.

If the design of the stand contains suspended structures the Exhibitor or his Builder should send to the Official Builder a draft of the suspended structure or a draft of fixing elements for the building structures and design elements of the stand to the supporting structures of the pavilions. The Official Builder, based on the technical possibilities of the pavilions, calculates the required number of points and equipment (chain hoists) for fixing hangers and building structures and inform the Operator and the Exhibitor. Based on the calculations of the Official Builder the Operator submits orders on usage of supporting constructions in the halls. The work for fixing to supporting constructions should be performed only by the operating personnel of the exhibition complex.

Provided that the Builder or his workers failed to comply with the rules or restrictions stated in the present Exhibition Regulations or other documents specifying IMDS-2017 participation, the Exhibitor may have no permission to occupy a stand or display exhibits. The funds previously paid under the participation contract shall not be refunded in the sum of fixed penalty in case of a participation refusal.

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