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Exhibits profile

Exhibits profile

1.    Naval and Commercial Shipbuilding

1.1.     Design & construction of submarines and deep submergence vehicles.

1.2.     Design & construction of surface ships & boats.

1.3.     Design & construction of dynamic-lift vessels & boats.

1.4.     Design & construction of vessels and boats of single purpose and support.

1.5.     Ship repairing, modernization of naval engineering and equipment.


2.    Weapons, Armaments, Weapon Control Complexes and Systems

2.1.    Missile weapons & armaments.

2.2.    Surface-to-air missile weapons & armaments.

2.3.    Artillery weapons, armaments & ammunition.

2.4.    Torpedo & torpedo-missile weapons & armaments.

2.5.    Mines and counter-mine weapons & armaments.

2.6.    Weapon control complexes and systems.

2.7.    Launchers & launching systems.

2.8.    Complexes & systems of reconnaissance, surveillance, target indication & weapon guidance.

2.9.    Weapons & armaments transportation and its embarkation on delivery vehicles.

2.10. Equipment, systems & complexes for weapons & armaments utilization.


3. Combat Direction Systems, Navigation Sets and  Systems, Communications, Radio-Electronics, Radio-technical and Hydroacoustic Armament

3.1        Naval and coast automate control systems of fleet forces and facilities.

3.2        Special automatic control systems.

3.3        Navigational equipment, complexes & systems.

3.4        Information security systems.

3.5        Complexes, systems and means of communication.

3.6        Complexes of monitoring & direction finding location & classification of radio signals.

3.7        Radio-electronic & radio-technical armament.

3.8        Hydroacoustic equipment and communications.

3.9        Complexes of radioelectronic warfare & sonar countermeasure.

3.10    Radioelectronic equipment electromagnetic compatibility.

3.11    Radioelectronic, TV, thermal, electrooptical, optical systems & surveillance means.

3.12    Electronic components and devices.


4.      Marine Power Plants, Ship Systems and Facilities, Auxiliary Machinery

4.1.    Main propulsion machinery.

4.2.    Auxiliary propulsion machinery.

4.3.    Drives & propulsors.

4.4.    Ship electric power systems. Electromotors, generators, power switchboards, transducers, transformers, current leads, electrical connectors, electrics.

4.5.    Weak-current equipment, systems of control & shipboard communications & transmission.

4.6.    Security & protection ship systems of physical fields (demagnetization devices, shock mounts, protectors, etc).

4.7.    Pumps, filters, compressors.

4.8.    Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and systems.

4.9.    Steering & manoeuvring devices.

4.10.  Ship devices: ground tackles, mooring gears, towing gears, cargo gears, landing brow and access boards.

4.11. Ship lifting devices.

4.12.Complexes, systems and devices of take-off & landing, servicing of aircraft.

4.13. Ship-damage control systems, including alerting services & fire-fighting systems

4.14. Life-support systems & devices.

4.15. Furniture, medical & galley equipment.


5.      Naval Aviation (Deck and Shore-Based)

5.1.    Deck planes & helicopters.

5.2.    Shore-based planes & helicopters.

5.3.    Amphibian planes & aircrafts.

5.4.    Unmanned aircrafts & aerial systems.

5.5.    Aircraft weapons.

5.6.    Avionics.

5.7.    Aerodrome engineering & equipment.


6.      Navy Coastal Forces Arming

6.1.      Coastal guided missile systems.

6.2.      Coastal artillery and rocket systems.

6.3.      Counter-sabotage weapons & equipment for special forces.

6.4.      Weapons control systems.

6.5.      Mariners weapons & equipment (tank-automotive, artillery missile, combat engineering

equipment, air defense weapon & small arms)

6.6.      Chemical, biological & radiological reconnaissance and protection equipment for troops.


7.      High-speed, passenger and small-size motorboats, vessels, yachts.

7.1.      Patrol boats, rescue vessels, administrative ships, sport crafts & motorboats.

7.2.      Yachts.

7.3.      Sail & rowing boats, utility boats.  

7.4.      Boats and yachts equipment, rigs, sails, ropes.

7.5.      Diving and underwater operations equipment.

7.6.      Inboard and outboard engines for small-size and high-speed vessels.

7.7.      Design, building and repair of small-size vessels.

7.8.      Small-size vessel land transportation.


8.       Fleet Supply and Services, Logistics’ Infrastructure

8.1.    Combat service & equipment support of naval forces.

8.2.     Component & spare parts supply. Maintenance service.

8.3.      Arsenals, weapon storage bases, floating factories, equipment, complexes and systems for storage dumping and preparation of weapon.

8.4.      Equipment of depot complexes and storage depots of ordnance, inventory, fuel and lubricants, fuelling and split-pump stations.

8.5.      Communications, utility networks & pipelines.

8.6.      Cross-country & cargo-handling vehicles & systems.

8.7.      Material & subsistence support, fuel & lubricants.

8.8.      Medical equipment & supplies.


9.      Search and Rescue Equipment, Techniques and Technologies of Deep-sea and Rescue Operations

9.1.      Legal groundwork for rescue and diving operations.

9.2.      Rescue vessels, fire and salvage boats and vessels.

9.3.      Marine search & rescue systems. Fire-fighting & drainage equipment

9.4.      Disabled ship, vessel & submarine crew rescue systems.

9.5.      Technologies and equipment for salvage and rescue operations of rectification of the consequences of accidents.

9.6.      Technologies of deep-sea salvage and rescue & technical and handling operations.

9.7.      Diving equipment.

9.8.      Sunken objects lifting equipment and technology.

9.9.      Deepwater systems.

9.10.    Mobile search and rescue systems.

9.11.    Undersea electrical engineering, underwater welding and cutting.

9.12.    Diving & search and rescue medical support. Rehabilitation methods for divers and search and rescue specialists. Medical & physiological training and rehabilitation methods, systems and technologies.

9.13.   Rescue and diving equipment certification and standardization.


10.  Navigation Security

10.1.       Navigating-hydrographical & hydrometeorological support: optical, radiotechnical and sonal navigation equipment, space navigational systems, organisation of data collection  & dissemination of actual navigation & hydrometeorological situation. Nautical charts and guides to navigation, electronic charts, ships positioning.

10.2.       Weather equipment.

10.3.       Ship and its technical equipment control systems.

10.4.       Pilotage of ships & vessels: pilotage with technical equipment and by marine pilots.

10.5.       Classification, technological surveillance & survey of vessels.

10.6.       Diagnostics of hull structures of systems and devices.

10.7.       Individual & collective ship rescue systems.

10.8.       Collection means & information processing operations of ships and vessels damaged in active service.

10.9.       Systems, means and standards for ensuring trouble-free operation of the fleet.

10.10.   Environmental safety, technical monitoring equipment, prevention of pollution and  emergency damage control on the sea.

10.11.   Cleanup systems & waste disposals.


11.  Anti-terrorism Effort, Anti-piracy Campaign, Security Facilities Protection

11.1.        Countersabotage, technical systems & measures.

11.2.        Hydroacoustic and radioelectronic complexes & systems.

11.3.        Optical & electro-optical detection acquisition and identification systems.

11.4.        Inspection and alarm sensors.

11.5.        Remote operated vehicles.

11.6.        Armament & special diving equipment.

11.7.        Armament & technique against terrorists, pirates and its armaments.

11.8.        Integrated security systems.

11.9.        Access control systems.

11.10.    Video control systems.

11.11.    Engineering constructions & sea and shore barriers.

11.12.    Fire safety systems and measures.


12.  Ocean Development for the Benefit of National Defence and Economy

12.1.        Marine equipment & technology for exploration of World Ocean.

12.2.        Deep-sea submersibles & its systems and control complexes.

12.3.        Marine facilities & equipment for exploration and production of hydrocarbons of shelf plate and ocean.

12.4.        Offshore drilling platforms & oil rigs, drilling tools.

12.5.        Engineering & construction of subwater pipelines for hydrocarbon transportation.

12.6.        Engineering & construction of marine vessels for hydrocarbon transportation, including ice class.

12.7.        Auxiliary crafts & aerial vehicles for maintenance of maritime platforms, drilling devices.

12.8.        Floating and tidal power barges & power-generating units, engineering, construction and operational service.

12.9.        Engineering & construction of fishing vessels, its prearrangement & refit in special period.

12.10.    Offshore driller & oil producing complexes safety, including environmental security. Security systems, accident preventions on marine facilities.


13.              Development of the Arctic shelf, protection of national interests and state security in the Arctic zone

13.1          Arctic shipbuilding. Icebreaker fleet.

13.2          Provision of the environmental safety of drilling operations in the Arctic region.

13.3          Rescue security of the Arctic sea basin.

13.4          Monitoring of ice situation.

13.5          Hydrometeorology and monitoring of the environment of the Arctic region.

13.6          Monitoring of the ionosphere and magnetosphere of the Arctic region.

13.7          Telecommunication infrastructure in the Arctic region.

13.8          Innovative technology of hydrometeorological support of ice navigation.

13.9          Underwater equipment-technological complexes for exploration in the Arctic region.


 14.              Harbour and Hydraulic Engineering

14.1.        Harbour design, building and reengineering.

14.2.        Fleet home stations & mobile mooring places.

14.3.        Hydraulic facilities and dredging works.

14.4.        Quays and marine facilities building.

14.5.        Power engineering & special equipment, construction materials.

14.6.        Monitoring and hydraulic structures control equipment.

14.7.        Underwater equipment.

14.8.      Pontoons, breakwaters, equipment for yacht-clubs.


15.              Industrial Equipment in Shipbuilding Complex and Related Sectors

15.1.        Dry & floating docks, covered slipways, floating workshops.

15.2.        Metal-working equipment. 

15.3.        Welding equipment & technologies. 

15.4.        Hydraulic & pneumatic devices. Erecting & rigging equipment. 

15.5.        Testing and measurement equipment. Diagnostic and quality control devices.

15.6.        Engineering & supply of equipment, tools, fittings and rig.

15.7.        Equipment for anticorrosive processing.

15.8.        Portable electrical power & pressurized air supplies.

15.9.        Auxiliary equipment.

15.10.    Test and diagnostic equipment for ships & vessels, systems, devices & machines.

15.11.    Equipment & repair services, maintenance logistics of industrial equipment.

15.12.    Automated production control systems.

15.13.    Computing techniques, monitors, console control panels and peripheral devices.

15.14.    Lifting and handling equipment.


16.              Information Technologies in Shipbuilding Industry

16.1.        CAD systems.

16.2.        Automated systems of technology planning.

16.3.        Management engineering of product life cycle.

16.4.        Inquiry and communications systems.

16.5.        Integrated control organization systems, enterprise resource management.


17.              Industrial and Raw Materials, Hardware for Shipbuilding Industry

17.1.        Shipbuilding steels, including heavy-alloyed.

17.2.        Titanium & aluminium alloys.

17.3.        Copper alloys.

17.4.        Zink.

17.5.        Composite materials on metal & polymer base.

17.6.        Fiberglasses.

17.7.        Carbon fibre reinforced plastics.

17.8.        Portholes, covers, hatches, ship doors

17.9.        Tube fitting of high and low pressure.

17.10.    Flanges, bends, tapers, pipe laterals, blind joints, elbows and other elements of pipe lines.

17.11.    Power generators.

17.12.    Cabling and wiring products.

17.13.    Castings & forgings for shipbuilding and ship-repairing.

17.14.    Termal insulating & sound-insulating materials.

17.15.    Rubber technical products.

17.16.    Lubricants & engine oils.

17.17.    Leakproofing materials.

17.18.    Paint & anticorrosive materials and coatings.

17.19.    Glues & sealants.

17.20.    Mastics & insulating materials.

17.21.    Deck compositions.

17.22.    Rigging

17.23.    Illuminators & illumination systems.

17.24.    Bearings


18.              Innovations and Modern Solutions in Shipbuilding Industry

18.1.        Research and development works

18.2.        Innovating projects.

18.3.        Advanced materials & technologies for naval electro-technics, electronics, radio-technics, automation, navigation & communication hardware.

18.4.        Advanced information technologies in shipbuilding industry and related sectors.

18.5.        Mechatronics & robotechnics.

18.6.        New high-tech technologies in shipbuilding, fundamental research.

18.7.        Nanotechnologies in shipbuilding.

18.8.        New application technologies of synthetic materials in shipbuilding.


19.              Personnel Training

19.1.        Training systems for command & engineering skills.

19.2.        Training systems for junior command personnel & specialists.

19.3.        Personnel training for shipbuilding, marine and river fleets

19.4.        Training of specialists for deep water, diving and rescue works

19.5.        Modern methods in naval education system.

19.6.        Integrated training laboratories, simulators and teaching aids.

19.7.        Automation & computerization of training process.

19.8.        Scientific personnel & engineering skills training for shipbuilding and other defence industries.


20.       Project Financing, Management, Insurance and Consulting Services

21.       Press and Electronic Mass Media

22.       Naval History

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