Stand construction

Orders on shell scheme stand construction and additional equipment shall be addressed to the Operator –

Shell scheme stands’ construction (mounting and dismantling) and decoration are carried out only by the Official Builder of IMDS-2019.

The Official Builder of IMDS-2019 is LLC “ExpoForum-Design” (“EF-Design”):

Shushary, Peterburgskoye sh. 64, housing 4, lit. A, St. Petersburg, Russia, 196140,

Tel. +7 (812) 245 04 44

The self-building (exclusive construction) is allowed.  The Exhibitor may effect the building independently, with involving the Official Builder or his own Builder, after passing control of their technical documents.

The technical documents for passing technical control will be accepted for consideration after providing the Operator with information about the Exhibitor’s Builder:

- name of the company - IMDS-2019 Exhibitor;

- name of the company - Builder, indicating the phone number of the company office;

- name of the representative of the Exhibitor responsible for the exposition, indicating the contact - mobile phone number;

- name of the person responsible for mounting works, indicating the contact mobile phone number.

The information should be provided till 10th of June, 2019.

If in agreement with the Operator work on the exhibition stand is performed by several third-party builders, each builder coordinates his technical project documentation for his amount of work with the Official Builder.